JULAHAS We Plant A Tree For Every Purchase

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"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it." Robert Swan. 

Our initiative with Grow-Trees

We plant trees for every purchase

When it comes to the environment, the fashion industry has a dirty reputation. As an integral part of this industry, we are responsible for the impact our choices have on the planet we live in and the planet we will leave behind for future generations. As a lifelong commitment towards the planet, we have partnered with Grow-Trees, an India-based social enterprise. In our One for One model, you purchase, and we plant a tree.

Tree saplings

At JULAHAS, we feel a deep urgency to protect what we have not yet lost. We are grateful for this planet that provides us with the pure, natural materials to make our accessories. We want to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint and protect these precious resources. So, why trees? Trees provide countless benefits to current and future generations. They have a direct impact on carbon reduction, restore forests and wildlife habitats, cool our planet, save water, and purify the air, to name a few. Tree planting benefits farming communities by regulating the climate and improving soil quality. Planting trees also generates employment for village women, providing a livelihood and source of empowerment. Your JULAHAS purchase plants a tree in India, where our artisans live and work, bringing our collective responsibility full circle.


We believe in the power of each individual to be a force for change. For every purchase, you will receive an e-certificate with a code that links to a location marker showing where the tree was planted. If your purchase is a gift, then let us know the name of the person in whose name you wish to plant the tree.

Giving Back

In the products we create, in the natural materials we choose and the packaging we use, our choices are conscious and responsible.

🌍We work with rural craftsgroups in remote villages to re-train them and connect them to global markets, empowering them with new skills and confidence.

🌍Our artisan partners share our values and commit to fair wages, no child labour, respect for women and equal opportunities for all.

🌍JULAHAS chooses natural materials, locally sourced from the communities where each product is crafted. We aim to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

🌍Each product is packaged in a multi-purpose cloth shopper.