Get ready to say goodbye to sundresses and sandals because fall isn’t far away. As the leaves turn colour and the evenings get chilly, remember to dress for different temperatures. These layered outfits for fall promise that you will always be ready for transitional weather, which might go from sunny to cool in moments. The best layered outfits for fall are typically ‘functional meets fun’ so that you can look trendy but stay cosy too. 

Layered outfits for fall: 12 looks to try now

Why do people love layered outfits in fall? Not only is it a practical way to dress, because it allows you to peel off extra layers when you’re warm and easily slip them back on if the weather turns. It’s also a way to mix and match different textures, weights, clothing items and accessories and have a bit of fun dressing in the fall. If you haven’t tried these looks, now’s the time to give it a shot! Here are 12 layered fall outfits we know you’re going to love. 

Blue colour outfit with Cape Dia

1. Colourful layered outfits for fall 

Statement can also mean simple when choosing colourful layered outfits for fall. Choose a colour that speaks to your personality and go with a head-to-toe monochromatic layered outfit. Alternatively, keep one colour story from dress to coat but throw in an extra colour statement with an accessory like a shoe. If bright blue is your colour, then our lightweight Cape Dia is luxurious yet warm and works as a perfect layering garment that can be worn under your coat. 

Textured outfit ideas for fall 2021 JULAHAS

2. Textured layered outfits for fall 

Fall is the perfect time of the year to play around with textures. You can mix wool with silk, and leather with cotton to create a textured layered fall outfit that is timeless. Using layers and textures helps to regulate your body temperature by keeping the lighter layers (like silk and cotton) closer to your skin and adding on the heavier accessories like a pair of wool tweed trousers and a leather jacket for warmth. 

Warm knitted dress and colourful Cape Yukon makes a warm and cute fall outfit

3. Cute layered outfits for fall

Wondering if you can still wear your dresses in the Fall? Yes! Bring out those dresses and combine them with boots to create a cute layered outfit for fall. We prefer knit dresses but if you are planning on using your summer dresses then remember to throw on a chunky knit over and a pair of thin leggings under, just to be sure. And that’s the beauty of layering -- you can always take off the extra garments when it gets too warm. 

Smart fall dressing with a suit and Julahas Cape for warmth

4. Smart Layered Outfits for fall

When you’re going for a business outfit or smart layered outfit for fall, make sure you have some natural base layers close to your skin like a t-shirt or shirt that is more fitted than the layer on top so that you keep the body heat trapped. Plus it doesn’t let the inside layer bunch up when you wear a blazer or coat on top. We suggest tailored suits in natural materials such as wool. If your suit is a cotton-silk blend then choose a warmer inner layer such as a fine merino wool t-shirt. A pair of kitten heels complete the look. 

Outdoor fall outfits to wear

5. Outdoor Layered Outfits for fall 

The outdoors is where you can go all-out with layering -- because you need to prepare for the warmth as much as you do the cold. Whether you are an adventure enthusiast or taking your dog for frequent walks in the outdoors, our ideal outdoor layered outfit involves a pair of warm socks, sturdy boots, an extra middle layer with a hoodie, a waterproof outer layer and of course a backpack to throw it all in when the sun is out! 

Comfy fall outfits with the Julahas Cape in peach colours

6. Comfy Layered Outfits for fall 

Soft, cosy and easy -- those are our three keywords if you want a comfy layered outfit for fall. Our Cotton Cape Peach Melba works just like a blanket you want to throw on while you’re planning to cosy up with a book or even if you want to enjoy a walk in the park. Wear your softest knits, a pair of comfy boots, grab your cape and you are set. 

White Skinny Julahas belt with a suit for fall 2021

7. Belted Layered Outfits for fall

While it isn’t a traditional way to dress for fall, belted layered outfits can help you use more of your summer wardrobe to transition over. You can wear a skinny belt over a number of garments to create a trendy fall look -- a shirtdress or a fitted jacket would be perfect choices to wear over a turtleneck t-shirt and just belt it for a finishing touch. If your jacket is long enough, a pair of tights and knee-high boots will complete your fall look. 

Layered shirt ideas for fall

8. Layered fall outfits with a shirt

A button down shirt can look great in any season, so why should fall be any different? The trick to wearing a layered outfit with a shirt is that there should always be a thinner layer inside your shirt and ideally you shouldn’t be wearing more than a total of three layers on top (inner base layer, your button down shirt and a darker coloured jacket for contrast). If you have a flannel shirt then this is time to wear it.

9. Layered fall outfits with socks

Socks of varying lengths are your best friend in fall. The knee-highs are teamed best with a short skirt and patterned socks can be worn over stockings for a fun vibe. Socks can even be paired with a pair of heels, as part of your layered fall outfit. So make sure you stock up on enough socks of different materials, textures, colours and lengths to add variety to your fall look. 

10. Layered fall outfits with scarves

It’s a wonder what a simple piece of unstitched fabric can do to upgrade your fall look! Scarves are a girl’s best friend and be sure to make them your go-to accessory this fall when you are looking for layered outfit ideas. You can wear your scarf as a blanket, double wrapped around your neck and even worn open. The best scarves for layered outfits are those with a pop colour for playfulness, chic and lightweight monochrome ones that look elegant and drape beautifully or big colourblocked scarves that double up as blankets. 

Fall outfit with a jacket and cardigan 2021

11. Cardigan Layered Outfits for fall 

A cardigan can have the effect of looking ultra casual but also ultra chic. Whether you wear it with joggers or if you pair it with a deep neck shirt and some delicate jewellery, the cardigan layered outfit is a look you will want to live in during fall. We love the options of open cardigans, those with buttons or even the ankle length cardigan jumpers combined with boots and a belt. This is a look that you can wear to the farmer’s market or to an evening out. 

All denim look for fall 2021

12. Denim Layered Outfits for fall 

Head-to-toe denim, anyone? We certainly aren’t ready to forget our denims in fall and plan to create some cool layered outfits to chase away the fall blues. A denim jumpsuit, some chunky books and a crossbody is great for everyday but you can also wear your jeans with a different coloured denim bomber or a cropped denim jacket. And when we say denim, we also mean skirts. So get layering with your favourite pieces to create an all-blue layered outfit for fall. 

Inspired by these layered outfit ideas for fall? 

The art of layering for fall is quite easy. As you can see, it involves simple tips and tricks. Keep the innermost base layer the thinnest and work your way outwards in weights. Be prepared for the weather to change and accordingly mix and match materials. Most importantly, don’t forget to stay practical when choosing layered outfits for fall. 

October 10, 2022 — Kanak Hirani

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