Wear any one JULAHAS for 15 days in a row and earn a 15% discount as a reward.


With so many different ways to style the JULAHAS Cape, wouldn’t it be fun to get more out of your JULAHAS and discover new ways of wearing it? Mastering a small but elegant capsule wardrobe indeed significantly simplifies life, I discovered earlier this year while doing a 30 day dress challenge by Wool&. Inspired by my own personal journey while doing their challenges and to celebrate JULAHAS turning three in October, we are kicking off the #julahas15daychallenge


To start, wear your (one and the same) JULAHAS every day in a row for 15 days. 
It can be a cape, a belt, a kimono or any other JULAHAS product. 
As proof, take a photo of yourself (or ask a friend or family member to do it). If possible, share the fun every day. 

At the end of the 15 days period, email the 15 photos or a link to them to Kanak@julahas.com using the subject ‘15 day challenge’. You may of course post in our private Community, too, if you like. Posting all 15 photos on social media or our private Community is not mandatory to earn your reward (although we love seeing you, so more the merrier!). However we’d love for you to post at least once in our
community and share your experience (and use the tag).

You may discover new ways wearing and styling your JULAHAS, but this is also not mandatory. Just wearing it every day is enough. You can use sale items, imperfects, mystery items and discounted items for the challenge.
You are allowed to do the challenge up to two times in a calendar year. The same rules apply. 


After you’ve completed the 15 days and have sent your photos to Kanak, you will receive a discount code for 15% on your next order. 

We hope you share a bit of the fun with us, so we can inspire each other by our unique styling ways. You may try some of these new discoveries with your reward product!

For inspiration you can watch Samantha Tomeï on Instagram. She did a 30 day JULAHAS challenge in Spring 2021. It’s in her stories here

I hope that during the 15 days of the challenge, you realise that a few high quality garments are all you need for a range of occasions (from school drop off, yoga class, travel gear to dinner evenings. It allows you to get more wear out of the garments you own and give them the love they deserve. 

So, are you ready to join me and wear your cape for 15 days straight to get a 15% discount?

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