Extend the life of your cherished garments with these simple CARE AND REPAIR techniques. You can substitute washing with airing out, and repairing instead of throwing away. If you love what you own, let's find a way to make it last as long as possible! 


  • Fill a bucket with lukewarm water (30 degrees Celsius or 86 degrees Fahrenheit) and adding a tablespoon of mild baby shampoo.
  • Dip your JULAHAS garment and let it soak for a few minutes. Move it gently with your hands before removing. With dark colours, it’s normal for excess colour to run in the first few washes.
  • Replace the water with plain lukewarm water (same temperature as you first used), dip and swirl your garment. 
  • Don’t wring to remove the excess water. Roll your JULAHAS Cape between a towel to absorb excess water. Lay it flat to dry.
  • Iron using a wool setting and ideally, place a thin protective fabric between the iron and your garment.

Spot removal: 

Instead of washing the entire garment, it is easier to address just the spot. Here's how:

  • Wet the stained area. Gently brush away the stain in a circular motion using a toothbrush and a tiny amount of baby shampoo. Rinse off the lather under a tap and lay flat to dry.
  • Iron it on wool setting using a protective cloth between the iron and your garment.


Fold your garment away when not in use. 


Slight pilling is common to all wool products and is perfectly normal. They appear where the fabric rubs against your bag or under the arms. The pills on our all-natural fabrics can be easily removed by taking them off with your fingers.

Fixing a loop

Stretch or pull the fabric around the loop so that the pulled thread starts to slowly sit back in place. You may need to do this a few times until the loop disappears completely or reduces. If it is just one thread that is pulled and won't sit back after stretching, you can cut it without damaging your garment. 

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