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When preparing for upcomping trips, I like to build 3x3 grids of items to combine for 9+ outfits. I’m always impressed how one cape can be worn in a variety of ways that look unique from one another. For this trip, I used three of my Julahas pieces to create a capsule wardrobe sudoku. 

3x3 sudoku grid

What is a capsule wardrobe sudoku?

I was introduced to capsule wardrobe “sudoku” in a travel group on social media. The idea is to create 9 different outfits using a 3x3 mix-and-match grid of tops, bottoms, and layers. The idea is further described in the blog The Vivienne Files for 45 unique outfit combinations using just 2 or 3 garments!

Capsule wardrobe sudoku

I started by picking my Julahas pieces: Daria Aniak, Jiva wool/silk Air kimono, and Julahas alpaca sweater vest. These felt diverse in both weight and colors to offer enough variety without looking too repetitive. Then I added other items for a total of 9 and arranged them as recommended in the grid. I kept my accessories simple and the same with a black headband and black flats, but in practice would add another 1-2 headbands, 2 belts, a scarf or 2, and 2 more pairs of shoes. A handful of accessories like scarves and belts that take up little space could further differentiate the outfits.
Items chosen fashion sudoku
How can you get started?
Getting started, I’d recommend selecting a color palette to help the coordination process. This can be inspired by a favorite cape, scarf, or even a belt. I’ve found it helpful to try on the outfits to see if they work from theory to reality. And it can be as easy as hanging your clothes in a place that’s easy to visualize. For me, it’s the closet doors in front of our washing machine in the kitchen. Sharing a recent capsule I created for a trip I took last week. As you can see, it can be a simple photo without removing the backgrounds of everything. I take the extra step of making a collage on a white background for my own satisfaction.
Joy in Daria Aniak
I now keep a style album with these outfits to reduce decision fatigue for what I like to wear and what works together. These capsules also make travel packing a breeze! It’s also a fun way to discover outfits I wouldn’t necessarily layer together without this inspiration. I can relax knowing I have my outfits planned and nothing to think about.
Joy grid 


December 14, 2023 — Kanak Hirani

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