Win a Color Analysis
with Heather

How to win a Colour Analysis with Heather?

At JULAHAS, we love using colour to add joy to everyday dressing. This month, we are offering you a chance to win a colour analysis worth €120/$125 with colour analyst Heather Noakes.

To enter the draw, you have to make a purchase and we will choose the winner in early July, 2024. Every order you place this month allows you a chance to win a free, virtual colour analysis.


About Heather

Heather has been working as a colour analyst for over 10 years, helping hundreds of women over the years.

She is passionate about helping people realize their authentic beauty through colour. She believes it is something that has made a big difference in how she connects with herself, which has created a desire to help other women.

“I truly want everyone to feel good in their skin and realize she is perfect just as she is! It's easy to say that image is purely superficial, but it's just not true.

Repeatedly, I've seen that discovering and working on your personal image magnifies and enhances feelings of positivity towards yourself. By letting your inner beauty present itself on the outside, people will see and respond positively to that, most importantly — you!” 


The Colour Analysis

The colour analysis that you’ll receive as the giveaway winner will be conducted virtually, with instructions sent on how to take proper photos. The colour palette is made customized specifically for you and will include 40-50 shades that will serve to enhance your natural colouring.

The handmade palette will be mailed to you after finalizing it with Heather during a video call. You will then have an amazing tool to assist your shopping decisions for clothing, makeup and even decor! 


Why should you get a tailored colour analysis?

In this video, Heather talks about why you should get your own colour analysis. Just play the video!