Nature has not just been our ally but also our inspiration. This year, it became our teacher. It taught us to pause and look up from our screens and up at the stars. It told us to take a break and take a walk in the forest instead. We heard birds, that until now were drowned out by the sound of flying airplanes overhead. We began to learn that we are merely a guest on this planet and if we continue down this path of mindless consumption, the planet will survive but will we?

Do we really need so much? Forced indoors and thrust into a digital world of Zoom calls and Friday nights in sweatpants, people are trying to make more conscious choices for themselves and their families.

Unsure of what life holds in store, people are using their wallets to shop purposefully, mindfully and choosing values over value. They are looking for items that transform quality of life and add beauty and joy to the everyday, a function of the fact that we are now spending so much more time indoors.

With little room for party dresses or work suits, there is a growing appreciation for garments that give us comfort, pleasure, while looking smart enough for a video call. For purpose-led brands like JULAHAS, where design and craft are equal measure, it is time to rise up to the challenge!

As we poise ourselves to launch our new product, we want to reflect all those values that have defined our lives in 2020, and beyond. We have created an item without waste. We want to give you a product that makes you feel like you have brought nature indoors. You will be doing more with less, we promise.

October 29, 2020 — Kanak Hirani


Liz said:

I love my cape. I wear it all the time. I would love to buy a scarf in the same wool you use for the cape.

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