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One Julahas = Endless Styling Options

Go beyond the 15 ways to style your JULAHAS through our innovative Tribe! Our customers have been playing around with their capes and kimonos, discovering new ways to style them with confidence and elegance. Become a Community member and share your styling tips!

Double your cape so that the armholes sit on top of each other. Fold the cape over one shoulder and place one arm through the armholes. Wrap the Cape around your waist and belt it.

Wrap Skirt.

Katie, Light Wool Cape Fusion Graphic

Katie shows us how you can turn your cape into a skirt.

Place your head through one of the armholes and bring the extra fabric from the back and side to the front. Use a clip to pin it.

Poncho style, using the armholes as an opening for the neck.

Knotted in front.

A coat with the belt used over the dress.

Kimono-Cape. Raise the sleeves of the Kimono over your shoulders so that they bunch up and turn into a cape.

Knotted in front.

Scarf. Fold your cape diagonally and roll up so that it looks like a scarf.

Reverse wrap dress. Put your cape on backwards and turn it into a dress.

The Triangle Wrap. Put the cape on long. The side you tuck first will be under the other, but its upper corner forms a triangle on top of the side that you tuck second. This wrap showcases all the colors of the cape!

Poncho Wrap.

Ludovica, Daria Cape Nile

Poncho Wrap.

Poncho Wrap

Long and easy.

Wear it as a wrap skirt and add a pin.

Wear it as a wrap skirt

Want to get creative?

Our JULAHAS Community is where our Tribe is showing all the wonderful ways in which they style their capes, kimonos and belts. Want to be inspired or share some fun ideas? Join our Tribe!