If you are a jeans junkie, it is possible that you have a favourite pair of denims stashed in your freezer, waiting to re-emerge – odourless, bacteria-free, good as new. To extend the lifecycle of their denims by skipping the cycle of washing altogether, people across the world have been freezing their denims for years.

But hang on, because all garment care (or repair) techniques need not be as novel.

A simple stain can be removed with a drop of soap on a wet toothbrush – a genius spot fixing method.  

Just last week, someone reached out because they had pulled a loop on their Cape. We asked them to bring the Cape across to our studio and it was instantly fixed. A small loop is quite easily fixed by stretching the garment in a way that the loop sits back in place. Else, this HOW TO REPAIR VIDEO can show you how to fix a bigger loop even if you’re not an expert seamstress.

That also got us thinking of how we can make it easier for people to repair their Capes, if they need? As a trial, we are now introducing a ‘small repair kit’ for some products, so that a few extra threads in the colours of your Cape are sent, to be used in case of an emergency.

Each Cape is sent in individual cloth bags that can be used for storing, a nice way to keep your garment in shape when not in use.

Caring for our clothes can not only greatly reduce the carbon footprint of our garments, but knowing when to wash, spot fix, repair or care can be the best way to keep your favourite items for longer.

December 07, 2019 — Kanak Hirani


Liz Moore said:

The repair kit is a brilliant idea!

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