What are your favorite ways of styling?

That would be wearing it the long way with a vest clip attaching both sides on the front, which accentuates both the cape and the accessory.

I know my cats would love to sleep on the fabric, but avoiding that at any cost.

What other brands do you like?

Have never really been a brand person, usually I like a color or a design and if it turns out to be a brand and affordable for me, I'll consider buying and wearing it.

What are your 6 wardrobe essentials?

I love scarves and shawls, big ones. Before buying Julahas, I used to drape a big scarf round my shoulders and wear it like that, with a vest clip. The Julahas capes also feel like a scarf in a way, something you can wrap yourself in, it's cosy.

And then jeans (denim or black) and t-shirts, oversized blouses with long sleeves to wear like a jacket. And tops, I like to wear things in layers, when it's warmer a top underneath a blouse in a different color can make for a nice accent. Do I have 6 already? Hm, and since 2 years of course my modest Julahas collection.