Founder, Kanak – JULAHAS

Founder, Kanak

A firm believer that the course of fashion has to change. And it will.

At 37 years, after two daughters and changing continents, our founder Kanak had a chance meeting with likeminded individuals, which led her down the path of seeking answers to the questions on sustainability, responsibility and ethical fashion. She was convinced, the intense love affair that people around the globe had with fast fashion had to end! After 5 years of co-founding a successful ethical fashion brand, Kanak decided it was time to take a solo flight, while continuing to seek answers.

Responsible fashion is close to Kanak's heart and she knows that just like her, women around the world make daily choices on what to wear, while wanting to express their personal style. She hopes that with JULAHAS, women have been able to find an individual style expression that will help them feel happier and look great, while making a positive impact on the planet and people.

A European design aesthetic combined with artisanal craftsmanship and a passion for environment and empowerment is at the core of JULAHAS. Kanak is a firm believer that the course of fashion has to change, and it will.  

She lives in Amsterdam with her fiesty little daughters and traveling husband, and is excited for you join the JULAHAS family.