After 5 years of co-founding a successful ethical fashion brand based out of Amsterdam, Kanak took a solo flight in 2019. Having worked in sustainable fashion since 2014, with artisans from rural villages across India, she was fuelled by the desire to address the lack of fair opportunity and ethics that plague the fashion industry.

“If I were to describe JULAHAS, I would say it is a young, responsible fashion brand with craft, design and positive impact at its core.” 

Kanak Hirani Nautiyal is the julahas cape founder


Since 2014 when I first started working with Himalayan artisans from Garhwal, India to connect them to international markets, I have grown to understand textiles and the intricate connection between clothes and its makers. As far back as I can remember, artisanal craft fascinated me. As a teenager, wandering the local exhibitions that promoted artisans and their craft I always looked for unique ‘treasures’ that combined beauty and heritage. Even back then in my conversations with the makers, I struggled to understand how such skilled artisans could be waging daily battles for survival.  

My love for artisanal craft became such a passion that these exhibitions and fairs also started showing up as my idea of a date, to the utter bewilderment of my (now) husband! The word about my (first) love started to spread and one of the bridal gift from my mother-in-law was a wool silk shawl made by the artisans of Garhwal. This handwoven beauty became my link to the Himalayas and years later, the start of my journey as an entrepreneur.

Since those impressionable conversations during my teenage years, I have always dreamed of building a brand that would be a force for change. JULAHAS is that dream. Using a co-creation blueprint, my aim is to partner with global artisan clusters and upcoming textile designers to create sizeless, versatile products that are design-led, yet bear the unique stamp of its makers.

I know that just like me, there were women all over the world making daily choices of what to wear. We want to be responsible with our fashion choices without compromising on personal style. 

I hope that with JULAHAS, women will be able to find an individual style expression that will help them feel happier and look great while making a positive impact on the planet and people.

Join me on this journey towards responsible fashion and let’s find you your JULAHAS for life!

- Kanak