What are your favorite ways of styling?

While it is fun playing dress up and experimenting with different styling options, my favorite and most frequent way of styling is to just throw it on and go.

Truthfully I don’t do much in the way of getting too inventive with any of my Julahas.  I am beyond happy with the bold, functional style each provides on its own.

What other brands do you like?

These are easy. I tend towards brand loyalty anyway and these are my go-to companies for the past several years.

No surprise Julahas 🥰 and wool&. What’s not to love? Quality products, fun styles, environmentally and socially responsible company values and practices, fantastic customer service, reasonable and fair pricing to invest in clothing which stands up and maintains resell value. A happy surprise is how beautifully the items from the two companies compliment each other. Their supportive, civil and kind social media communities are also wonderful.

Occasionally (maybe once a year?) I will buy a pair of hardy work/gardening pants/overalls or add to my collection of much adored gardening vests from Duluth Trading Company. Their clothes are well made, reasonably priced (especially with frequent sales) and are designed with lots of well placed pockets (I have a pocket addiction). An added bonus is their colors beautifully coordinate with Julahas and wool& items in my closet.

About every 18 months or so I buy a chlorine resistant swim suit from Land’s End to replace the one I have worn out from wearing mine in a chlorinated, heated pool at least 4 times a week. Their suits stand up well and are reasonably priced, they have good sales and I find them inclusive in sizing with lots of design options.

I have one Sash Bag I use every day. The bags come in lots of fun colors, but one works fine for me. The Sash replaced my old waxed canvas handbag from Duluth Trading Company (about 10+years) which I pull out when traveling or and need to carry a bag with more storage, especially if I need something weather resistant.

Non wardrobe, I love Penzey’s spices who I discovered during the pandemic and stayed with. They sell great products and are  committed to being loud and proud regarding their stances promoting human rights, valuing people over profits.

What are your 6 wardrobe essentials?

6 wardrobe essentials, that’s a hard one! Since Kansas has 4 distinct seasons (temps range from below freezing to triple digit heat) I selected items from my closet I can easily mix and match across fluctuating weather conditions. I didn’t include my swimsuit because it is required attire where I swim😂. Here goes…

  1. Julahas Neptune Celestial Cape
  2. Julahas Reversible Cotton Kimono, Earth
  3. wool& Summit Leggings, Black (in a pinch I can roll up to capri length)
  4. wool& Francis Skirt, Black (I added a pocket. I can also wear long or roll up at waist for a shorter skirt).
  5. wool& Scout Tunic Top, Black
  6. Duluth Trading Center Utility Vest, Red