Who has experienced the magic of owning that one, high quality garment, which when you put on, makes you feel complete, instantly taking you from blah to hell yeah? 

Each morning, millions of women struggle to figure out, what I am going to wear today? In their daily attempt to strike the perfect balance between their personal style and their actual lifestyle, they turn to their wardrobe in search of answers. 

This week, as we get ready to host our first event on building a Capsule Wardrobe, the key, we believe, to walking out feeling stylish and confident each morning depends on owning a few trendless pieces that will always serve you well. Buy less, choose well, make it last, in the words of Vivienne Westwood.

The term Capsule Wardrobe dates back to the 70s and was coined by the daughter and granddaughter of tailors Susie Faux, a wardrobe consultant and writer. Her idea was ”to buy fewer clothes of a higher quality that you will wear more often. You will look and feel confident and successful because the quality will show and because you know that the overall look works.”

This Thursday at the JULAHAS studio, personal stylist Nerine Jones will share the incredible power of owning wardrobe essentials that will help you look more with less and that includes the handcrafted wool JULAHAS Cape.

The Cape fits in perfectly with the Capsule Wardrobe theme as it was originally designed for multi-functionality. Amsterdam-based textile designer Jolijn Fiddelaers created a garment that was not limiting – either in size or colour – for women. 

The slits for armholes meant that it would fit more sizes. The use of colour blocks in the design allowed the Cape to transform when turned upside down (or flipped). The longer way, the Cape had less fabric on top with darker colours near the face, and the shorter way the same Cape had lighter colours and more shawl around the neck.

Same Cape but a new look with each of the 15 ways you drape it. She believed that the garment should easily adapt to the kind of day you’re having, while offering a medium to express your personal style.

So as you reach out to your wardrobe each morning, look for the simple yet special pieces you own, those which make you as comfortable on the inside as they do on the outside.


November 03, 2019 — Kanak Hirani


iyucizovuowc said:

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Sara kaur said:

15 ways to drape a Cape….unbelievable!

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