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Our new favourite tote bag is not just spacious and stylish, it’s also sustainable. Ocean Tote promises a reduced environmental footprint as it is created from 100% textile waste recycled from factory floors. We thought, why create from new materials when you can re-use what already exists?

This material has been discarded during the cutting process by the garment industry (because not everybody designs keeping zero waste in mind). Instead of ending up in landfills and oceans, we have repurposed this textile waste and turned it into a sturdy, reversible and large tote that holds everything you need for on-the-go — from wallet, glasses, water bottle, shawl, book, laptop to a deep inner pocket for your keys. Pack it all in and head to the beach or for a weekend getaway!

Since we have used post-industrial recycled waste to craft our Ocean Tote, each bag is unique as this print cannot be reproduced and is a limited edition.

With all-over stripes that lend a summer vibe to the Ocean Tote and fish embroidery details that add a playful element, your Ocean Tote bag has been thoughtfully designed and handcrafted by JULAHAS in collaboration with two brands that are pioneers of textile recycling — Doodlage and Khaloom.

We reached out to Khaloom, an organisation that works exclusively with recycled materials to source textile waste from cutting floors. The material that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill, was then shredded and woven by hand into our striped fabric. This woven fabric was then passed on Doodlage, another innovative brand that upcycles and recycles textiles, to embroider and tailor our Ocean Tote bag. The outer layer of our tote is made from 100% post-industrial recycled textile waste and the inner layer from cotton canvas for extra strength and support.

For every purchase you make, we plant a tree in your name. We send you a digital e-Tree Certificate with a link to a location marker showing where the tree was planted.

With our One for One model, in partnership with social enterprise Grow-Trees, we address community, women and nature. Tree planting generates employment for the village women, regulates the climate while improving the soil quality, which benefits farming communities.  

Worldwide 92 million tons of textile waste is created annually. While 85% ends up in landfills, 12% is discarded from factory floors and less than 1% of this is recycled into new garments. Our Ocean Tote Bags are handmade from that tiny portion of recycled materials that would otherwise end up in landfills or our oceans. For every 100 meters of fabric woven, we have prevented 92kg of Co2 from being generated, utilised 30 kg of waste and saved 126,000 litres of water.

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