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The most sustainable garment is the one you already own. So why throw it away? As a responsible brand that thrives on the ideology of ‘less is more’, we've put together our first mending kit that will help you love your garments for longer!  With our Re-NEW Mending Kit you can extend the life of your JULAHAS, or any other item in your (family’s) closet and reduce it
s environmental footprint. 

Re-NEW, as the name suggests, equips you with the basic skills and equipment needed to make your garments last long(er). From how to sew on a button to trying out simple yet effective visible mending techniques, our Re-NEW kit urges you to revive your relationship with your old pieces so you can love them some more and wear them longer instead of tossing them away. 

We love working with individuals and brands with shared core values and mindsets. In collaboration with the gender neutral and conscious baby essentials brand Aagghhoo, JULAHAS is excited to bring the Re-NEW Mending Kit — an initiative to help you extend the life of your JULAHAS, or any other item in your (family’s) closet!

100% organic cotton, because you deserve only the finest materials.  

  • Patches from several of our bestselling wool capes and organic cotton patches. 
  • Your go-to guide and tools necessary for mending and repairing textiles, such as coconut shell buttons, a trimmer, marking chalk, needles, safety pins, embroidery threads and a measuring scale.  

For every purchase you make, we plant a tree in your name. We send you a digital e-Tree Certificate with a link to a location marker showing where the tree was planted.

With our One for One model, in partnership with social enterprise Grow-Trees, we address community, women and nature. Tree planting generates employment for the village women, regulates the climate while improving the soil quality, which benefits farming communities.  

Did you know that almost 75% of our clothes end up being discarded in landfills each year, some only after a few wears. Not only does this lead to pollution and a huge environmental impact, it also fuels the throwaway culture where it becomes easier to throw away cheap clothing than to repair it. Data from a UK non-profit suggests that if we extend the use of every garment we own by 9 months we reduce the carbon, water and waste footprint between 4-10%. The first step towards this is repairing and mending what we can in order to extend a garment's lifecycle. We hope that our Re-NEW kit becomes your trusted companion along your mending journey. 

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